Tama-Hokubu Medical Center

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Hospital Information

6th Floor 6 East Ward (Hematology - General Medicine)
6 West Ward (Gastroenterology - General Medicine)
5th Floor 5 East Ward (Surgery - Neurosurgery Urology - Nephrology)
5 West Ward (Orthopedic Surgery - Rehabilitation - Ophthalmology - Dermatology - Nephrology)
4th Floor 4 East Ward (Neurology - Endocrinology and Metabolism)
4 West Ward (Pediatrics)
3rd Floor 3 East Ward (Surgery - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - Gynecology)
3 West Ward (Cardiology - HCU)
Central Operating Room
Designated Intensive Care Unit
Dialysis Room
Central Sterilization Material Room
2nd Floor Cafeteria - Stores
Affiliated Medical Offices
Library and Medical Records
Administration (Director's Office, Vice-Director's Office, Office [General Affairs Section], Doctors' Office, Nursing Department, Medical Safety Management Office, and Conference Room)
1st Floor Information Desk, Patient Support Center (various consultations [medical consultations, illness and care, home care, and medications], pre-admission orientation, explanations of tests, Patient Services Counter), Reception (initial visit, insurance-card confirmation, discharge, and payment documentation), Payment, Rental Service Reception, Outpatient Examination Rooms (General Medicine, Surgery, and Emergency Outpatient), Laboratory Section (radiation testing, physiological testing, and endoscopic examination), Rehabilitation, Nutrition Consultation Room, Outpatient Treatment Room, ATM, and Administration (Local Medical Affiliate Office and Medical Affairs Section) MAP
B1 Floor Haircutting Room
Pharmacy Department (Pharmacy)
Nutrition Department (Kitchen)
Linen Room
Morgue - Autopsy Room

Radiotherapy WardMAP
Radiology (MRI, Bone-density Measurement Room, Linac Room, and Brachytherapy Room)
Conference Room